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DIY/HI Aloha Friday: Whiff Pleasure

October 28, 2011

In an ancient Hawaii radio spot, the announcer noted that “one of the reasons people like Hawaii is because it smells so good.”  The fact is, if you’ve got the nose for it, you can get a whiff of the islands no matter where you live. Here are some suggestions on how to do it, if not this weekend, certainly by the next.

(1) Order a pikake lei and wear it in close proximity to your proboscis. Oooh!

Pikake, a photo by kitchen mamaon Flickr



(2) Burn a Butt Naked Wickless Candle that emits the heavenly scent of suntan lotion. Ahhh!


(3) Liberally apply Plumeria Kukui Nut Cream here, there, and everywhere. Oh Mama!


(4) Freshen your entire household with the sweet smell of fried Spam. Yum!

If all else fails, bake some Pineapple Coconut cookies, eat two, and call us in the morning. Til then, happy Aloha weekend.

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